While the changing weather has cleared the smokey skies from Squamish and the Lower Mainland, we wanted to put together a round up of some of the most epic smokey shots in Squamish to remind you to stay fire aware until the bans are lifted. This summer has been a hot and smokey one, with many communities in BC being severely impacted by wild fires.  Share this article as a reminder to play fire safe on all your Squamish Adventures.

#1: Photo by: @awesomeinity

A peekaboo shot of the mountains surrounding the dry, smoke choked Howe Sound near Squamish B.C.

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#2: Photo by: @johnsondave89

Awesome day paddling in the sound this weekend. Crazy smokey from the wild fires.

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#3: Photo by: @northwestwander

Stay strong BC.

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#4: Photo by: @johnsqfrench

Start your saws!

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#5: Photo by: @supermarks_adventures

This is NOT Fog. This is SMOKE from all the wildfires in British Columbia.

#6: Photo by: @marlenefordphoto

A fishing boat on #howesound near #squamish #britishcolumbia

#7: Photo by: @heatherrbella

Pretty magical and kinda eerie watching sailboats and paddleboards emerge from the smoke mist on their way home.

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#8: Photo by: @



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