January is a great time to review your spending habits and make a budget for the year.
I do it every year. It gives me peace of mind.

Some tips:

1. Write down your budget. It could be in a note book or an Excel Spread sheet. Then keep track of the actual spending. I have one for my family budget and one for my business.

2. Don’t use cash, it’s too hard to keep track of where it went.

3. Split your bills into beginning of the month and middle of the month. Most of us get paid twice a month.

4. Review your plans for cable/TV, cell phones, bank fees, etc. Call your providers and make sure you are getting the best deal.

5. Go to equal billing on Hydro and Fortis. This avoids that great big Hydro bill in the winter and helps greatly for your budget.

6. Start the year off, one week at a time, with buying only what you need, not what you want. If you make it one week, go for 2 weeks.

7. Share it with your partner; don’t keep secrets from each other. Make sure you are both on board and committed.

Knowing where the money goes will help you to have a Financially Healthy 2015.

Call Michele ELLIS at 604 892 4647 if you like. I`m always happy to help.

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