It might be Spring now but Winter winds are still chilling the air. March also ushers in a whirlwind of romantic activities in Squamish. The mountainous landscape, exciting adventures, and cozy local cafes and restaurants to warm up afterward make for the perfect date.

5 Romantic Outdoor Adventures
Perfect for any Occasion

Squamish has so many romantic adventure ideas, it’s hard to choose between them. From low key walks along one of our many lakes or Nexon Beach that lend themselves to deep conversations or peaceful reflection to adrenaline pounding flights above snowy peaks that will make you want to hang on tight to your loved one, Squamish has everything you need to craft a truly memorable day.


Spend some quiet time alone with your partner as you hike around one of Squamish’s many trails. Gaze across majestic waters and glassy peaks of the Coast Mountains while you explore Garibaldi Provincial Park. For a short, easy hike that winds around several small lakes head to the Four Lakes Trail at Alice Lake. If it’s snowy, even better. Bundle up and rent some snowshoes to enjoy a winter wonderland.

Bald Eagle Rafting

Drifting down Squamish’s waterways with a thermos full of hot cocoa would be a romantic date on its own. To make it more memorable, however, Bald Eagle Rafting will add a dash of excitement. Every year, thousands of bald eagles feast on salmon during the winter months, and it isn’t hard to spot them if you know where to look. Glimpsing these mighty birds of prey amidst the pines along the shore makes for an unforgettable memory.

Staying in the Backcountry Cabin and Ski Touring

For high adrenaline rushes, untamed landscapes, and challenging skiing, plan a weekend getaway at a backcountry cabin. During the day, you can navigate through pillow lines and alpine bowls in the alpine terrain. Once you’re worn out from all the obstacles, relax together back at the lodge and cuddle up with a warm drink.

Fat Bike Rental with Flying Spirits

This is a must do in Squamish – Biking isn’t just for warm weather days. Flying Spirits rents “fat” bikes built especially for tough terrain – like the snow that still covers some of the trails. These bicycles may not be built for two, but they’re a great way to see Squamish and ride some of the trails that would be otherwise impossible on mountain bikes. It’s also a good way to avoid crowded summer trails – biking in the winter means almost exclusive access. You’ll feel like you’re the only two people in the world.

Scenic Flights

For a truly epic date, treat your partner to a scenic flight. Views of Squamish’s coastal mountains, the lakes far below, glaciers, and fjords will surely get your heart racing. If you know Squamish well and really want to spark the romance, you can even plan a custom flight. It will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Squamish is the perfect place for romance this spring. No matter which adventure you choose, it’ll be an unforgettable experience, one that’s sure to bring you closer to your loved one. After you’ve had your fill of nature and adventurous thrills outside, finish your day with an equally romantic meal by visiting one of Our Picks: Spring Meals to Fuel the Soul in Squamish. The food and conversation will be just as memorable as your day.


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