Road Trippin

Summer is the best time for travel and adventure, but avoiding unhealthy food on the road can be tough, from fast-food burgers to service station bags of chips and candy bars, a few days on the road (or airport hopping) can derail your at-home healthy eating habits. However, a little planning and packing your own snacks will help you to stay on track and can save 100s of calories per meal. Incorporate some or all of the following tips during your next adventure to ensure a healthy and happy travel experience.
Pack a Cooler Bag:
If you are planning a road trip, the best thing you can do is pack a cooler-bag full of healthy options. Fruit, cut up vegetables, boiled eggs, Greek yogurt (freeze it before you go, it will help to keep the other food cool) and hummus dip (single serve make it easy and mess free). Pre make sandwiches or wraps before you go with grilled chicken and salad for a healthy lunch option.
Healthy Snacks:
Avoid junk food by packing your own snacks including: Kind bars (or other protein style bar), raw nuts and seeds, air popped pop-corn, rye-crackers with almond butter or single serve tins of tuna (these are great to have on hand as you can always add them to a pre-purchased salad to boost the protein content).
Start your Day Right:
If you want lots of energy for the day ahead, make sure you start with a good breakfast. Pack some ‘emergency’ breakfast oats, this will help you to avoid the typical fast-food breakfast and also save you some $$ which you can spend on other fun stuff during your holiday. In a small ziplock-style bag combine ½ cup instant oats + 2 tbsp chopped almond + 1 tbsp dried raisins + pinch of cinnamon. You will always be able to find a paper coffee cup and some boiling water to make your own healthy instant oatmeal.


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