Squamish Undergoing An Adventure Makeover from Sea to Sky

The small community of Squamish BC has long flown under the radar as a world class tourism destination. The ‘times they are a changin’ with a new and fresh energy in town that is fueling the story of Destination Squamish. The community is currently undergoing a major makeover from Sea to Sky that will open up even more recreation possibilities in a place that is already known as the Recreation Capital of Canada!

Enjoy Part One: The Sea Makeover, of our on going series covering the recreation & adventure developments in our community .

Part 1: The Sea Makeover


The oceanfront is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature in Squamish, BC. The stunning views of the Howe Sound, the Chief and Shannon Falls combined with an ever growing number of dolphins and orca sightings, make the Squamish oceanfront like no other. Local families and dog owners have discovered Nexon Beach along with Kiteboarders and Kayakers. However, for out of town visitors, the oceanfront remains hidden and off the radar.

The Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association is working hard to change this. The BIA is working with  the district of Squamish, community groups and local businesses to create a more accessible oceanfront that will unite recreation, tourism & culture.  Downtown is the heart of Squamish, and the DSBIA is hoping to create a look and feel that will boost the local economy by making our waterfront accessible and attractive to locals and tourists while celebrating the town’s history.

The proposed Squamish Legacy Project will unite culture, history and recreation to create a unique space  for tourists, locals and athletes to enjoy. Historic canoes, Totem Pole carving, interpretive signs, a covered deck and a picnic pavillion overlooking the inlet, pedestrian and bike paths are all in the plans to encourage people to come visit.  A dock for kayaks, SUP and canoes is also in the plans to make the waterfront more accessible to locals & visitors.

Gregory Fisher, the owner of Newport Market and one of the founding members of the BIA, is fully supportive of the development of the waterfront. “This is an incredible idea to develop the access of our waterfront from downtown”.  Recreation is the draw that pulls people to our community and this legacy project is a fantastic way to encourage more people to play  on the ocean.

This legacy project is developing the downtown waterfront through a focus on community, culture, history and recreation. This is one example of one the the many current community initiatives that our town is  undergoing  to tell the story of Destination Squamish. Stay tuned to our series for the inside scoop on these types of  developments for our growing community.

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