Squamish Logger Days Festival is a 5 day event that celebrates the Squamish logging history and is ‘full of fun, excitement, action and entertainment for the whole family.’ If you only participate in one event in our event packed summer, this is by far the one you have to see. This year Squamish Days celebrates their 60th year. We sat down with Robyn, the volunteer Marketing Coordinator of the Squamish Days Loggers Sports festival to get a true idea of what it takes to put on an event of this scale, year after year.

Robyn has a long history with the logging community in Squamish, with her lumberjack roots reaching back 3 generations. As long as she can remember, Squamish Days was an annual tradition for her whole family. From attending the Squamish Days Logger Sports shows as a kid, to volunteering in the VIP tent, and now managing the marketing, the loggers sports festival is in her blood and in her heart.

For many Squamish families, this is a great festival to connect with the roots and foundation of our community in a fun filled environment. So how many people does it take to put on Squamish Days Logger Sports?

It takes a whole community to put on Squamish Days

The event is five days long, but for the core group of volunteers, the preparation is nearly a year long process. Almost as soon as Squamish days festival ends, their meeting to chat about how the festival went, and work out a plan for making the event even better the next year.

While the event planning, organizing and legalities of running such a large festival can be a challenge, the biggest challenge comes from finding, training and organizing the team of over 250 volunteers needed to put on the weekend. If you’re even beginning to think, “Oh, that can’t be too hard”, just stop for a second. Have you ever tried to find, coordinate and manage 250 volunteers?

Yeah that’s right, 250 volunteers (including the volunteer committee members) are needed to keep the logger days running. While the majority of volunteers are needed during the event – for ticketing, set up and pack up, security, guest information, and much more – there are a number of people working all year round to ensure the grounds are maintained, logging poles are safe, the grandstands are clean and that the event happens without flaw. So how can you help with this process and why should you be interested?

How you Can Help:

3 Great Reasons to Volunteer Long Term with Squamish Days Loggers Sports:

  • You get to meet real lumberjacks and jills – these people are a breed of their own and can teach you a thing or two about climbing trees and chainsaws. If this is not enough reason.. Keep reading:
  • For new members to our community you get real connection with a core group of Squamish locals who are passionate about our community.
  • Great for your resume, portfolio and experience
  • Connect with Squamish Heritage and History

Aside from joining a close knit community of people dedicated to continuing the greatest Squamish tradition, you’ll end up with a whole bunch of skills, contacts and friends that you never dreamed possible. Applying for that landscaping job? Lucky you’ve got ‘Groundskeeper Co-ordinator of Squamish Days Logger  Sports Festival’ on your resume. A few older Squamish locals even claim that in the past you were unable to join the town council without volunteering at the logger days festival for a number of years.

We understand, life’s busy sometimes and not everyone is able to commit to such a position. But, if you’ve enjoyed the logger days events in the past, if you’re new to town and looking to make friends, feel like sharing a laugh with those around you, or simply want to help keep the Squamish tradition alive, then register to help out for the 60th anniversary celebrations, even a few hours is appreciated but the Squamish Days team is looking for a core team of helpers to dedicate time for this event and to help keep this event alive for future generations.

Trust us, the community connection is worth volunteering your time to this fun filled event.

For more information on how you can volunteer click here, and for to learn why Squamish Days is the Local Event of the year click here.

Service Clubs

Some of the volunteer numbers are made up by the following great local service clubs that volunteer their time and energy to help put on some of the special events. Their are six local service clubs that are longstanding partners with the Squamish Days Loggers Sports Committee and are an integral part of the weekends success.

1. Howe Sound Curling Club

The Howe Sound Curling Club was established in 1964, when the first curling rink facility was completed. The present facility, adjacent the Squamish Valley Golf & Country Club on Mamquam Road, was opened in 1983. Howe Sound Curling Club volunteers have managed site security and ticket sales for Loggers Sports weekend for many years. Squamish Days Committee donations to the Club have been very important to its fundraising efforts. To learn more, visit www.howesoundcurl.com

2. Royal Canadian Legion Branch #277

The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) has been a part of Squamish since 1931 when a local branch was established to serve veterans and the community, and they have been a part of the Squamish Days since 1972. Today its mission remains that of service to Military and RCMP members and their families, and Remembrance of those who gave their lives for peace and freedom.

In addition to hosting the Squamish Days Giant Bingo each year, the Diamond Head RCL Branch 277 raises funds through BC Gaming, a Meat Draw Fund, and the Poppy Fund. Proceeds from fundraising activities go back into the community according to specific criteria.

3. Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue

The Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCMSAR) Station 04 is the newest service club member of the Squamish Days family, taking on the organizing of the annual Sunday morning Festival Parade. RCMSAR Station 04 at Squamish was formed in 2008 to provide rescue support for the boating community in local waters, which are getting busier with expanding marinas and growing recreational vessel traffic.

To learn more, email [email protected]

4. Rotary Club of Squamish

The Rotary Club of Squamish was founded in 1966, and has been a part of the Squamish Days Logger Sports Festival since the early 1970s. Each year the Rotary Club runs the Rotary Beef BBQ at the Logger Sports Shows. Rotary’s commitment to “Service above Self” is channeled through the Avenues of Service which include: Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service and New Generations Service. Squamish Rotary is and has always been very active in the local community with numerous and diverse projects completed. The Club also provides funding and volunteer support within the community.

To learn more, visit www.squamishrotary.com

5. Squamish Elks Lodge #119

The Squamish Elks Lodge #119 is one of the oldest continuously operating organizations of any kind in the Squamish area, having received its charter in 1926. During its 88-year history the club has been engaged in many community projects and services. The Elks played a key role in British Columbia’s first community tree planting project, from 1939 to 1941 in the area just north of Brackendale. Involvement in loggers’ sports days began in the 1930s and 1940s, when contests for spectators were held behind the Elks Hall on 2nd Avenue. The Elks Fund for Children is a primary cause for the local lodge today. The fund offers medical support (including eye care and dental work) for those who cannot afford it, equipment (e.g., computer) for special needs children, and support in case of emergency needs (due to house fire or other loss). The Loggers’ Pancake Breakfast hosted by the Elks for the past 57 years is the lodge’s biggest and most important fundraiser, for providing these community services.

To learn more, email [email protected]

6. Squamish Valley Equestrian Association

The Squamish Valley Equestrian Association (SVEA) is one of the oldest recreational clubs in Squamish, celebrating a 62nd anniversary this year – and 57 years of involvement with Squamish Loggers Sports. SVEA “Horsecapades” events shared venues and volunteers with Loggers Sports in the very early years; and the two organizations have been close collaborators managing neighbouring facilities during many years since. SVEA sponsors and organizes the concessions for the Squamish Days Loggers Sports Show each year.

To learn more, visit www.svea.ca

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