New Year – New Adventures – New Home


Building a new home seems like a daunting task, an adventure not for the faint of heart! But there are many reasons why building a new home versus buying an existing one might be the right adventure for you and your family.


Here are our top 6 reasons why you should build your next home:


  • You get what you want.

You will get to work closely with your builder to decide on the features and finishes that work best for you and your family. From layout to room location and type, starting from scratch means you get to include the things you want, and exclude the things you don’t. This is your opportunity to design your dream home.


  • Quality construction from a builder you choose.

New home builders are working hard to build better, more durable homes; and you get to choose the builder who will do that for you. You get to choose a builder based on their reputation, track record, and style of construction. You can visit their past projects and spend time with them to make sure they will suit your needs and help get you the home you want.


  • Energy-efficiency & new technology.

Professional builders are building greener homes through new advances in the industry and changes to the building code. They’re using better insulation, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, and putting more consideration into site placement and using passive energy in their designs. New technology is being used not only in the construction of your new home, but also being integrated into how your home functions. Automated thermostats and appliances, and systems that can be controlled with your smart phone are just some of the features you could include.


  • Easy maintenance & a new home warranty.

With a new home there are no maintenance issues to worry about for a long time; your new home has been carefully designed and constructed to stand up to wear and tear better. Plus, you’ve also got a new home warranty to help if anything does come up. Professional builders stand behind their work and it’s guaranteed through a third-party warranty provider.


  • Save time and money.

When you have a new home you won’t be spending money or time on renovations and repairs, which allows you more freedom to do all the other activities and adventures that you love. New, efficient homes also mean you’ll spend less on utilities. And if you work hard to stay within your budget, the day you walk into your new home you are walking into equity. This is a reason why people choose to build again and again.

To find out more about building a new home in Squamish, contact the Crumpit Woods team today. They can put you in touch with local builders and designers that will help you build the home of your dreams.

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