The days are getting cooler and shorter in Squamish BC, however, there are still many awesome adventures to be had around town. For a full list of fall activities & adventures check out our Insiders Guide to Fall in Squamish here.

Finding quality adventure gear is a must to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest in Squamish BC.  Our Local Favourite adventure gear shop is Valhalla Pure in Squamish, you can find most to all of your clothing and equipment to fuel paddling, back country, hiking and climbing adventures right in town.

You’re going to love this shop because of the experienced local staff and attention to quality. They have the proper clothing and tools necessary to make your adventuring safe and comfortable so you’re prepared for any type of weather. What you’ll appreciate more than anything in Vallhalla Pure is being able to find some of the best quality adventure gear in the industry.

So what will you really need to properly start your outdoor adventure?

Gore-Tex Rain Gear

There isn’t any better rain gear brand name than Gore-Tex. Valhalla Pure carries many of their jackets and other clothing in their store for a very good reason. All of their products get made with a special membrane that’s noted for always keeping you dry. Gore-Tex has always had a motto of “Waterproof; windproof; breathable.”

The above means you’re guaranteed to buy a product from them that lasts through the toughest conditions. You’re going to need their rain gear when hiking in the mountains of Squamish this fall. Rains can get quite intense at higher elevations, and it’s the same in the downtown area.

Rain is a major part of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, but it never diminishes the fun you’ll have in your adventurous nature excursions. Be sure to ask the sales staff in our local stores about Gore-Tex products like head-to-toe raincoats, rain boots, and pants.

Petes Picks:

Day to Day Adventures:

Arc’teryx Norvan Jacket – Price $350.00 



Backcountry Skiing & Adventures:

Arc’teryx Beta LT – Price $550.00



 Back Country Skis

With skiing a major part of life during the winter here in Squamish, you’ll want to learn how to access the back country via skis. Back country skiing is popular here, though it requires special skis with skins for traveling into unmarked and unpatrolled areas. It’s some of the most adventurous type of skiing next to mountain climbing. For more information on backcuntry skiing click here.

Petes Pick:

Faction Agent $829.00



Mountain bike riding is another popular sporting adventure here in Squamish. You’ll want to buy a quality headlamp when you head up into the mountains, mainly because many people do mountain biking into the night. While this may sound daring, it’s a lot of fun. Regardless, you need to follow specific rules to keep it safe.

The best headlamps have long-lasting batteries and easy attach methods to bike handle bars, or on your helmet. Be sure to read up on responsible procedures for mountain biking before you go.

 Petes Pick:

Petzl Tikka+ $46.00



 Back Country Stove

When you do adventurous hiking into the mountains for several days, you’re going to need a back country stove to keep warm while camping. Sometimes known as backpacking stoves, it pays to find one with good fuel efficiency and quick boil times.

Our local stores carry all the best brands and ones that are lightweight to reduce the strain of carrying a heavy object.

 Petes Pick:

MSR Pocketrocket $41.00



If you’re just visiting our beautiful town for the first time, there isn’t any better time to visit than now considering it’s a place where adventuring in nature is a normal pastime. The Locals know that the fall weather offers great opportunities for enjoying the refreshing pristine quality of fall and winter air in Squamish. Fall can be a bit rainy at lower elevations, however, we wanted to create this guide to the must-have adventure gear for Fall and Winter in Squamish to help you make the most out of your next Squamish Adventure. Fall showers mean that Winter in the mountains is right around the corner. 

Contact us here at Squamish Adventure to find out more about how to acquire adventure gear in our local shops. It’s time you experienced why fall and winter are Squamish’s best times to visit.

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