If you are looking for a picturesque, easy singletrack trail, than look no further than Wonderland. Located in the Alice Lakes and Highlands region of Squamish, Wonderland is the perfect beginner’s trail to try your newbie skills.

Wonderland Trail Squamish

Wonderland features only a few rocks and tree roots that you can roll over or ride around. Most of the trail is forest covered and relaxing. There are several low-lying bridges that let you hone your bridge-crossing skills, but they are nothing too difficult. In general, the trail flows smooth and is perfect for a afternoon family ride or to undertake alone.

The trail’s length is a relatively short, only 3 km, so you won’t be exhausted after peddling the expanse. The downhill region of the trail requires very little, if any, peddling or braking. You can coast the length and soak up the forest’s beauty. Most of the trail is cover by a thick canopy of conifer trees which provide ample shade to keep the temperatures down during the heat of the summer. After you reach the trail’s end, you might want to ride through its majestic beauty all over again and marvel over any areas that you missed the first time around.

When to Ride

During times of rain, the trail’s dirt can become downright sloppy. Rainstorms may also expose unknown roots and rocks, so keep an eye out if you are riding the trail after a storm or in the spring. If the weather has been too nasty, the trail’s riding level might change and will be clearly posted with its new marked difficulty to let new riders know what to expect.

The Wonderland trail often becomes very busy during peak summer riding season. You should always watch out for other bikers. Also, be vigilant for hikers who frequent the trail. Near the big boulder section of Wonderland, climbers often congregate so slow down and keep your eyes open for foot traffic.

If you are looking for more riding fun after you pedal the Wonderland, you can extend your ride by opting to ride the White Rabbit trail. The White Rabbit sits just north of Wonderland and is plainly marked. Adding the White Rabbit trail to your riding plans puts an additional 1.5 km of distance to your trail adventure. The White Rabbit’s trail riding level is a beginner and it is comparable to the Wonderland.

There are several access points onto the Wonderland trail, but the main entry is at Alice Lakes Park Road. You won’t have any trouble finding the trail because it is well-marked and clearly defined.

To locate the Wonderland trail, drive north from Squamish up to Hwy 99. Continue on Hwy 99 to the Alice Lake Park Road and then turn. You will find the start of the Wonderland trail on the south side of Alice Lake Park Road.


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