Mid-Summer Mountain Bike Trail Update by Ridebc

Summer arrived early in May, left for a wet Junuary, and is has been back in full force for the month of July. From slick muddy days to smokey skies and dusty trails, we’ve seen it all in the past two months. August looks to be cooling down with rain in the mix to bring the trails back to their prime for the rest of the summer.

Seeing locals and visitors alike enjoying these varied conditions is a testament to the adaptability of this great sport. I’d like to think a rider’s ability to enjoy themsleves on a Squamish ride is weather independent. Being able to hold your speed through a dusty corner is a another skill set we can all work towards, just like conquering those slick roots mid winter.

June and July have been big months for races in Squamish as well with 4 major events coming through. Early June saw the Gryphon Enduro attracting gravity lovers from across the continent. The Spakwus 50 XC race came later in the month. For its second year it was broken down into two days and welcomed even more riders. July saw the BC Bike Race come to town and for the first time Squamish was the final stage in the impressive 7 day event. Last but not least was the Hot On Your Heals women’s Enduro race bringing 600 racers to an impressively popular event.

The trails continue to see lots of love from community volunteers and SORCA through the summer including some major work on upper Meadow of the Grizzly and Hot Tuna. The lower Legacy climb has also seen a reroute to mellow out some of the steepest pitches. Expect some great work to come this fall once the rain returns!

Lots to look forward to for the remainder of the summer including some awesome SORCA social events and races as well as the return of volunteer days at the end of August. If you’re here visiting town to ride, don’t forget to pick up a trail pass for $20 on the SORCA website.

Happy riding from Ride BC!

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