Meet The Nieghborhood

The neighborhoods around Squamish are easy to learn. Each one has its advantages and drawbacks. One neighborhood simply might fit your unique needs better than another.  Squamish is composed of five distinct neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own unique vibe, and as our community grows we wanted to give you an introduction to the different neighborhoods in Squamish.

The Five Neighborhoods of Squamish


1. Brackendale

Brackendale is located in the northern region of Squamish. It will typically only take you 10 minutes to reach downtown Squamish. It is also only 30 minutes away from Whistler. The neighborhoods sit in the vast expanse of a valley with the picturesque Squamish River cutting a pathway through. There are commercial businesses such as a cafe, art gallery, coffee houses, restaurants, bike store, and salon that serve the residents. Eagle Run, located in Brackendale, boasts beautiful homes and ample landscaping.

The layout of Brackendale makes it ideal for walkers, bikers, and hikers. The entire area is a balanced mix of older homes and new construction. There is a post office. In the north region, is the Brackendale Elementary School and Don Ross Middle School.

2. Garibaldi Highlands

In Garibaldi Highlands, the streets are lined with trees to create a cozy, enchanting community. Located on a hill, the Highlands features lovely single family homes that boast large yards. Many of the houses also have a picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean, Squamish Valley, and the mountains. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the many bike paths and walking/jogging trails. Quest University, a liberal arts school, lies within the neighborhood.

3. Valleycliffe

The Valleycliffe neighborhood is the southernmost so it is usually best for people who commute to Vancouver, as the lack of traffic lights heading south from here can cut your commute time by 20 min. The higher levels of Valleycliffe overlook the Howe Sound. It is a popular location because it places residents close to Vancouver and Squamish. The large family homes in the area feature wonderful views. While Valey cliff can be know to be in the shadows in the winter, most of Squamish experiences the same lack of sun. Our tip for this – get up early and get your self outside to play. Family-friendly trails run throughout Valleycliffe. There are also cafes, restaurants, a gym, post office and a centrally located elementary school.

4. Central Squamish

Central Squamish is made up of Garibaldi Estates, Tantalus, The Northyards/Dentville, and the Brennan Park area. The entire area is a mix of commercial and residential properties that include condos and townhomes. Northyards and Dentville have experienced an explosion of growth with many condos and townhomes constructed. There are numerous shopping and dining choices available to residents.

5. Downtown Squamish

In the last few years, downtown Squamish has undergone a growth explosion.Townhomes and condos dot the area. The waterfront region is slated for even more expansion which means that would-be home shoppers will have a larger market of homes to choose from. Residents of downtown Squamish appreciate the many shops, restaurants, coffee houses, and other opportunities that are all within walking distance.

Squamish is a thriving and flourishing town that is drawing new residents faster than homes are being built. If you are considering moving to the area then you will want to pick from one of the five neighborhoods and focus all of your efforts on finding your dream home.

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