Adventure Approved Interview: Meet the Chef Tom Giblin from Fergies Cafe

In this new series for 2015  we will be interviewing the people behind your Local Favorite places in Squamish.  Today we are starting with Chef Tom Giblin who is the master behind the scenes at The Locals Favourtie Place to dine: Fergies Cafe.


Tell me a bit about who you are and where you came from?

I am an Australian from Tasmania, which is very similar to British Columbia.  Like Most Aussies, I came to Whistler for one season –  that was 5 years ago. I was drawn to the West Coast for the lifestyle, being addicted to mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter; I found the best place in the world.


How long have you been living in Squamish?

Like most travelers to Whistler, my initial impression of Squamish was from the road. When I moved here recently, I was blown away by the mountain biking trails. What also struck me the most, moving from Whistler, was the realness of the community. Squamish doesn’t have the polished resort town exterior. Working at Fergies offers me a sustainable  work opportunity with the ability to still enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.


What is your favourite thing about Squamish?

The mountain biking. The style of riding is just awesome –  a  mix of new school style on the all-mountain bikes. I am looking forward to exploring all the trail networks on days off.


Tell me about your Fergies Cafe Journey?

I have been cooking professionally for over 10 years. I started cooking as it was a profession with which I could travel. My background is in fine dining; in Whistler I worked at Araxi, Nita Lake Lodge and Alta Bistro. I met the owners of Fergies, Jess and Jake, through working at Araxi, and when they offered me a job last summer I started the following week.  Fergies has been seeing growth year after year. Summer season has been insane.


Why is Fergies Cafe a Local Favourite?

Fresh, locally sourced food created with love and attention to detail is at the heart of it. Combining this with the location and setting is something really special –  certainly one of the best places to start your morning.


Tell me more about your Locally Sourced Food  –

All eggs are from Stony Mountain Farm, which is only 15 km from cafe. We get far superior product that taste better and is healthier. We buy direct from farmers who have strong ethical and sustainable practices.  This mentality extends to other aspects of the business (Be Clean Soap, Lucas Teas) and continues that mentality, through food or products we buy from local companies who carry the same values.


What is your vision for the future of  Fergies Cafe?

As it is getting busier, we need to meet demand without losing quality, while staying true to the essence of Fergies Cafe. Fergies has grown a loyal following through word of mouth. Moving forward with what we are offering, we have to stay true to what brings people here. I also plan on bringing  back the popular summer dining series held regularly on Thursday evenings.


What would you like to see more of in dining?

I want to bring community to dining.  Dining is more than the food; it is the social interaction and the whole experience. The aspects that make a great meal is more than the sum of the parts –   not just the food, not just the company. Everything comes together: the setting, vibe, atmosphere, outdoors, views, people, wine and the service.  All this creates a unique memorable dining experience. Community-based dining is what drives our Summer Series. All dinners are family style – Sit down and interactive,  share a meal,  share the food, share an experience.

Be sure to head on down to Fergies to get a taste of Chef Tom’s signature style and to meet this Adventure Approved Chef in person.



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