Spring has arrived early to Squamish. The Trees and forest are blooming and with this warm weather air, fresh flowers, and longer days means more play time in the outdoors. With the sunshine and flowers comes wind and pollens, which living in Squamish we all know about the wind. For many people wind and pollen indicate the onset of allergy season. Tree pollens are the most prevalent pollens in the spring. Grass and weed pollens follow in late spring and summer, and airborne mold spores can be found almost year round here in the sea to sky corridor and the lower mainland. Other common allergens such as dust, dust mites, and animal dander can also cause problems, specially in my house where we have 4 fur balls.

Over-the-counter remedies promise symptomatic relief. Watering eyes, sneezing, and stuffy nose or other symptoms still hold you back from your full potential in your outdoor activities. Wouldn’t you like to reduce your suffering? In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) they believe that addressing the causes of allergies, treating the whole person, and focusing on balancing the immune system leads to substantial long-term health benefits.

Acupuncture is non-invasive, gentle and painless. It is also the most effective and deepest healing method for the elimination of allergies and allergy related conditions. The Western terminology` acupuncture stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the body that influence the body’s own internal regulating system. This strengthens the body’s resistance and balances the body’s antigen-antibody reaction to relieve allergies as well as asthma and sinusitis.

Acupuncture is an excellent complementary and alternative treatment option for allergic diseases including asthma and sinusitis, because it focuses on diagnosing and treating both the symptoms and the root cause of imbalance. Acupuncture helps detoxified the body, strengthens the immune system and the adrenal gland to allow the body to reap substantial long-term health benefits in managing allergies. Chinese Medicine addresses any related imbalance in one’s health as well as emotional and spiritual causes of a symptom such as allergies. Since treatment depends on a group of symptoms in Chinese Medicine, each patient’s has a different configuration of symptoms, which makes treatment very specific and appropriate.

Diet has an important role in controlling seasonal allergies. In Chinese Medicine nutrition, sweets, dairy products, and cold raw foods all tend to increase mucus buildup, putting ice cream and yogurt at the top of the list of foods to avoid during allergy season. When excessive mucus accumulates in the system, allergens stimulate a much stronger allergic reaction. Soups, salads (in hot weather), steamed vegetables, and boiled grains are all easy for the body to digest. When digestion is efficient, there is less of a tendency for mucus to build up. 80 % of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, making a healthy gut a major focal point if you want to achieve optimal health.

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