Have you ever heard the saying “Your food is your medicine?”

At the Green Moustache, this is their motto, religion and way of business. Every decision from purchasing food supplies, to creating the menu, to preparing the juices, smoothies and foods, revolves around their heavy focus on healthy, feel good, organic foods.

What is the Green Moustache?

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If you didn’t know, the Green Moustache is a 100% organic juice, smoothie and live food bar franchise with locations currently in Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver and plans to soon spread around BC and the rest of Canada.

The Green Moustache brand originated in Whistler thanks to the vision and work of Nicolette and Pierre Richer. With three young children, they’d been focusing on providing their family with clean, organic and nutrient rich food, drinks and snacks and decided to spread this even further and service the entire community.

Jennifer Just, a staff member at the original Whistler location fell in love with the company and saw the need to provide healthy food to the growing and active community of Squamish. She had the support of Nicolette and Pierre and the passion to make it happen and now after a few short years, the Green Moustache in Squamish has become an essential part of the community.

The Green Moustache Experience

Stepping through the doors of the Green Moustache gives you an instant feeling of comfort and peace. The decor is clean and modern, the staff are friendly and smiling and the smell will make you hand over your wallet and buy one of everything.

The idea behind the Green Mo’ is that it’s 100% fresh, fast, healthy and organic food, and in Squamish, it’s the only place like it. Walking up the the counter is a little bit overwhelming (definitely the good kind though), I mean, do you want a smoothie bowl, a healthy seasonal salad, a raw dessert or a nutritional shot? A quick look at the customers seated around enjoying their meals, the food on display and The Green Moustache menu will leave your mouth watering.

The best part about the Green Moustache is that the food you order will be working wonders for your body even after many hours. You’ll replenish important nutrients, experience an increase in energy and feel more positive about life (well at least that’s how I felt).

There’s no reason not to pop into the store and grab a bite to eat, check out the upcoming courses or educational talks and have a chat to the knowledgeable staff. We promise it will leave you feeling full and energized and motivated to eat healthy.

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