Sometimes we get caught in a place of over-thinking things and it becomes extremely difficult to break our thought patterns. When this happens to me, I usually get the urge to go to the top of a mountain and fly down it at top speed.

Clarity of mind quickly comes, due to the necessity of focusing on the task at hand.  The adrenaline from mountain biking is incomparable. The single-minded attention we need when speeding down the hill is perfect for over thinkers! Thoughts can’t stray from the action in the present moment or you will be in serious trouble!

This feeling  is what drew me to mountain biking in Squamish from my chairlift accessed Whistler riding 5 years ago. I was having a rough day and needed my adrenaline fix, but Whistler was too far away, so I went for a shuttle with my brother and friends behind Quest University.

The top of the trail was steep and scary, but after years in the bike park I felt confident I could do it. After one close call when my mind wandered back to whatever problems I was dealing with at the time, I was forced to find my inner focus. After an intense ride down some of the most challenging trails I have ever done, the relief of not crashing gave me the strength to laugh and smile and enjoy the moment again. My stress was gone, and I was back into Squamish mountain biking with full force.

Since that day I have spent many long days discovering new trails in my own back yard. The mountain biking trail network here in Squamish is world famous, set in stunning West Coast scenery.

Come discover the mountain biking mecca in Squamish BC for yourself! We have guides available to  show you the best trails for your riding skills!

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