Squamish Summer Activities: Explore Water

Summer is here and it is time to explore the outdoors!

Squamish is the last coastal community heading north from Vancouver; access to the ocean opens up a world of recreation opportunities. In addition to the ocean, we are also blessed with many lakes & rivers which offer many ways to  play in and around Squamish.  Enjoy these insider tips for the newest & best ways to explore the water around Squamish BC.

Whitewater Rafting:

Whitewater rafting tour elaho squamishThe Elaho river in Upper Squamish Valley is home to the best Whitewater Rafting in BC. The world class views & exciting rapids create a great day trip for anyone who wants to wash away the city stress. Untouched wilderness, stunning views and the excitement of whitewater rapids will do this! If you are looking for a more mellow rafting  trip, the Cheakamus river offers crystal blue waters, stunning views and wildlife viewing for the whole family to enjoy.


If you have ever wanted to learn to fly on the water, now is the time. Squamish is known as “The Mother of the Wind” and has earned the reputation as a world class kiteboarding destination. Take a lesson through Aerial Kiteboarding or simply enjoy the sport as a spectator from the spit (remember to wear a windbreaker).

Stand Up Paddle:

Stand Up Paddleboarding had exploded in popularity all over BC in the last few years. This sport is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting a good core workout. If you want to get into this sport we recommend starting in Alice lake with a rental & instruction. Once you have mastered the skills of balance & turning will be confident to explore the rivers around town and the Howe Sound.  Aerial Kiteboarding offers a SUP tour that departs from the watershed on the Squamish River and takes you through some stunning scenery towards the Squamish Estuary.

Whitewater Kayaking:


Squamish is a world class destination for kayaking of all types. Our lakes offer great locations to learn  & practice skills before you try your hand at the fun rapids on the Mamquam River or the Howe Sound. The kayaking club has built a skills course and slalom course for training and practicing your river kayaking maneuvers. If you have always wanted to learn, this is the best place to take an intro to whitewater kayaking & build your skills or improve on the ones you have!

Float Plane to a Remote Alpine Lake:

If you are finding Alice, Cat & Brohme lakes a little too crowded these days, never fear there is always a solution! Squamish is now home to a Float Plane that can drop you and your friends to a remote private alpine lake for the day. Phantom lake is a beautiful remote alpine lake with white sandy beaches perfect for a picnic lunch. Swimsuits are optional, but remember to pack your bug spray!


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