Before smart phones with GPS, advancements in all mountain bikes  and the intensive trail development done by SORCA, we didn’t know what we were getting into. Discovering Squamish mountain biking trails was largely by word of mouth and chance.

My friends and I would often get in way over our heads and end up walking the bikes down some seriously intense trails. Not knowing whether the trails went up or down was always a problem. It could get very frustrating trying to navigate the long distances on my full suspension stinky D.

7 years ago in the Crumpet Woods area of Valley Cliff, I ended up on a “recommended” trail that ended at the top of a serious rock face that was probably meant for rock climbing. I had to whip out some rock climbing skills to get out of that situation after throwing the bike off the cliff in front of me. The bike and I survived, both with a few more scratches than the last ride.

I gave up on Squamish mountain biking after a few of those challenging days lost in the woods. I preferred the Whistler bike park with a comfortable chair ride to the top, clearly marked obstacles and smoothly groomed trails. It was my home away from home.

Since then, mountain biking in Squamish has changed for the better. New trails have been cut and more of them are intermediate and beginner friendly, thanks to SORCA and the increased support they are receiving in the community.

Mountain biking in Squamish has always attracted me due to the ability to have a ride in the most beautiful scenic forests with your friends for hours. I always seem to find myself in those moments when I feel most lost.

Technology has advanced in the bikes and GPS on the phone lets you know exactly where you are. The fun for me now is to go and explore the seemingly endless trails around here. Mountain Biking in Squamish has evolved from a word-of-mouth guess fest, with poorly marked trails and A LOT of walking my bike, to become an amazing game of search, discover and ride epic trails.

So get out there and discover our world class trails in incredible West Coast scenery!

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