Euphoria Wellness Workshop Series: Because Knowledge Truly is Power.

Held at Euphoria, their practitioners are hosting weekly talks and workshops to explore and explain various health-related topics and their natural solutions. They will be covering topics from preventative measures, to sport performance enhancement, to nutritional and herbal strategies for various common ailments. Come enjoy a relaxed environment, learn lots and ask questions! Talks are delivered by their naturopathic doctors, medical herbalist, holistic nutritionist and Chinese medicine practitioners

Check out this months upcoming wellness workshops:

Nutrition for Health and Cancer Prevention

By Dr. Matt Greenwood ND

Through this workshop we will explore the most beneficial foods and some of the more detrimental foods and eating habits, and ways to change them in order to improve your health, as well as how this pertains to preventing cancer.

Herbal Medicine and Sexuality

By Travis Cartwright, D.Phyt,

In this workshop we will discuss the role herbal medicine can play is one’s life to bring about a healthy embodied presence, to enhance intimacy and pleasure.

Improving Mood and Clarity

Dr. Matt Greenwood ND

This workshop is meant to be interactive so there will be plenty of time for questions and case discussion, and is an opportunity to discover how naturopathic medicine can help you and your loved ones balance and improve your mood, sleep, energy, and outlook through realistic and meaningful ways.

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