Is there any bird more majestic than the bald eagle? With a wingspan of over 2 meters, the massive birds of prey are a sight to behold. If viewing one of these birds up close in its wild habitat is on your bucket list then Squamish during the winter is the place to be.

Squamish is the Place to be for Eagle Viewing

Squamish is home to the largest population of eagles in North America. During the winter months, the region is a bird watcher’s unparalleled paradise. From November until February, the birds usually gather in their local winter grounds. It is not uncommon to see both juvenile and mature eagles frolicking together.

Book a Squamish Rafting Co Eagle Raft Trip

In order to get up close to the local eagles, you can book a rafting tour with the Squamish Rafting Co. You will have a knowledgeable guide on the trip who can answer all of your questions about the local eagles and also the surrounding area.

Five Reasons to Book an Eagle Watching Tour

Here are five reasons why you should book one of these memorable eagle watching tours.

1. Fun For All Ages: It doesn’t matter if you are five-years-old or a centenarian, you are going to enjoy this gentle rafting adventure. You and your party will float down the Cheakamus River to enjoy panoramic wilderness views while getting up close to the wintering eagles.

2. Eagles, Eagles, and More Eagles: If you are worried that you might not see any eagles, put your fears aside because there are ample eagles to view on this rafting trip. You will have the opportunity to see up to 300 eagles in one trip! In 1994, Squamish held the world record for eagles. They counted 3,769 raptors in the region.

3. Hot Food and Warm Fires: During your rafting expedition, you will have the opportunity to visit the Mountain Fun Base Camp where you can enjoy a bowl of piping hot chili, test your ability with a pair of snowshoes, and even warm up beside a roaring fire in a weatherproof canvas tent.

4. Not All Eagles: A Squamish Rafting Co eagle rafting tour is not all about eagles. You will also maybe catch glimpses of other wildlife in its natural habitat. It is not uncommon to spot bears or bobcats during one of the rafting float trips.

5. Takes you to Unimaginable Places: An eagle rafting tour takes you to places along the river that you would never be able to go alone. It gets you out into the very heart of the bald eagle’s winter grounds for a truly unforgettable experience. Be sure to pack your camera because the picture taking opportunities are endless.

Call Squamish Rafting Co. Today

Call the Squamish Rafting Co. today to book one of their eagle rafting tours. The start of the tour is located on five miles from town.

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