Designing Homes for Those Who Love to Play

For someone who loves to play, a home is more than just a place to sleep and eat. It’s a place to unwind after an adventure, or do bike repairs, it’s a place to store gear for the multitude of sports they might do in a season, and a place to host friends and talk about that last epic ride! These buyers are looking for special characteristics in their future home, and here are six we think are key.

1. A Large Open Plan Living and Eating Area

Active homeowners are looking for rooms that flow seamlessly from indoor to outdoor. They design their new homes to showcase views of the Chief, mountains, ocean, or forest so that even when they’re inside they still feel connected to outside.

2. Full Sized Garages With Room For all the Gear

Many people that love to play own larger vehicles to haul all their toys around, plus they have to have somewhere to store those toys when they’re not in use. So a single car garages just won’t do. On the other hand, some people are opting for smaller garages, but are including dedicated storage space for bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, skis, snowboards, snowmobiles and all the rest of the necessary toys!

3. Private Outdoor Space

When active people come home from work or play, active buyers want somewhere private they can relax; they want outdoor space that is simple and easy to maintain. Gone are the large sprawling lawns that take half a day to mow, buyers want to have the time and freedom to explore the mountains and forest that surround their home. One extra luxury you may find outside is a hot tub; those that love to play also need a place to soak their muscles after their many activities!

4. Extra Income and Room to Grow

With the rental vacancy in Squamish at an all-time low, including a secondary income suite in your design seems like a no brainer. It means you’ll have help with the mortgage now and extra space for the future.

5. Office Space

Because at some point you have to work to pay for your bike habit! Many people in Squamish run home based businesses or work remotely. Crumpit Woods is the first neighbourhood in Squamish to be serviced by Telus Fibre, meaning your home office is high speed and always connected.

6. Well Planned, Smaller Homes

You’ve got better things to do than clean a 3000 sq ft house, and a smaller home can still feel spacious and functional if it is designed well from the start. Plus, the full sized lots at Crumpit Woods (7500 sq ft on average), still allow room for a “detached studio” which could be an office, artist studio, guest suite, yoga studio. The real key for designing a home for those that love to play is finding freedom.

If you’re looking for a home that suits an active lifestyle and don’t know where to start, then consider talking to one of our recommended builders to start designing your dream home today!


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