Current Mountain Bike Trails : Squamish BC

With the Winter season being a bit of a letdown for snow enthusiasts, it’s been a great winter for the local bike community. Squamish trails are seeing as much traffic as summer months and are therefore in great condition! Usually if you venture out for a ride this time of year, you encounter a ton of blow down, mud, snow, and who knows what else. Recently, I’ve had a chance to ride some Squamish classics such as Angry Midget and Hoods in the Woods. These are great trails for anyone who is an intermediate rider and up.  Some challenging stuff but mostly flowy, loamy, fun!

The Best Way to Link These Trails:

Depending on how much time you have, you can link these two together to make for a nice long ride (approx. 17kms) or just do one at a time.  There are multiple parking options, the university, the lower shuttle lot, or the half nelson parking lot. You will pass by each of these at one point so it just depends on how you want to break up the climbing.

From either of the lower parking options, you have immediate access to the climbing trail, The Legacy Trail. This is a 6.5km, switchbacking, snaking, uphill-only trail that will eventually pop you out at the top of angry midget. It takes the average person, just around an hour to climb to the top. Once there, you have the whole of Angry Midget to descend.

Angry Midget  has a bit of everything but carries great flow and will leave you grinning at the bottom! Once you reach the logging road, hang a left and cruise down it for a bit until you reach the half nelson parking area.  From there, look for the trail head for Another Man’s Gold, it will likely be hidden in front of some parked cars.  A short but sweet trail, it will spit you out right at Darwin’s Crossing where you will begin the climb towards the Powerhouse Plunge.

Cross the bridge and battle the boulders as you climb this steep and loose double track. This is a multi-use trail so keep an eye or ear out for dirt bikes and such. Follow this climb until you get to the SORCA shelter, then continue to the right along some really nice, flat and fast double track. Eventually, you will end up at the top of the Plunge at which point, you have a choice; continue down the first half of the Plunge or use the Power-Hood Connector (Ph) to bypass.

If you choose to ride the Powerhouse Plunge, do not go past the logging road. Once, you hit it, hang a right and start climbing. Continue up this logging road, past STP junction (where Ph connecter comes out) and upwards keeping left at any spur road. The road eventually turns into single track, at this point, you are almost at Hoods in The Woods; look for the sign on the right not far up the trail. Have a blast down this trail, it’s a nice technical yet flowy track with tons of fun little obstacles to better your riding skills.

Once at the bottom, head right, then follow the road to the left, you will end up on Poop Alley, a great little connector which will spit you out at Carpenter Sons bridge. Head to the right over the bridge and you will be just under the University.  It’s a short pedal to your vehicle from there.

Happy Trails!


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