Top 10 Fall Activities in Squamish

As the temperature cools and the leaves start to change color and drop, we bid farewell to a beautiful summer.

Fall tends to be cooler, darker, wetter and quieter. For me it is a mystical time in Squamish, when the clouds roll in and add depth and drama to our world famous scenery.

Even though the heat of summer is fading away, there are still loads of outdoor activities to get you out into nature and feeling refreshed! Invest in some rain gear and you are all set to go play outside!  These are a few of my favourite activities for autumn in Squamish.

1. Mountain Biking – Squamish is  home to world class mountain biking that is usually available year round at the lower elevations. In the fall our  trails get grippier and the cooler temperatures feel refreshing. Get on your bike and enjoy the thrill of a workout or some easy riding in our beautiful forests!

2. Storm Watching – Sitting inside with a warm beverage in hand while the rain lashes at the windows is a great way to enjoy the storms. My favorite places to storm watch in Squamish are the Watershed & Quest University.

3. Eagle Viewing – A gently meandering river, breathtaking scenery, waters teeming with wild salmon and enormous bald eagles soaring overhead.  Take a rafting trip you won’t forget!  Over the winter in Brackendale, scores of bald eagles come to feast on the spawning chum salmon. Grab a front row seat to witness this spectacular natural phenomenon by gently floating down river with one of our knowledgeable guides.

4. Surfing on the Howe Sound – This wicked fun activity is available all summer and into early fall. Put a wetsuit on and enjoy the ride. Bring warm clothes to change into. The boat is equipped with hot chocolate and heated seats for your ride back home!

5 . Eagle Horseback rides – Bring out your inner cowboy or girl and enjoy a horseback ride along the river to see these majestic birds in their natural habitat!

6. Golfing– Golfing in the fall means smaller crowds and cooler weather. The Squamish Valley Golf Course offers majestic views when the clouds roll across the mountains.

7. Eagle bike tours – New to Squamish this fall, we will be offering guided eagle viewing on fat tire mountain bikes. These tires are great in all weather conditions. Enjoy a gentle pedal to the dyke in scenic Brackendale. Guided eagle tours include hot chocolate and snacks!

8. Fishing – Squamish is home to world class fishing year round. In the fall it is prime time for catching rainbow trout, bull trout, cutthroat trout, coho and chum salmon. Get a guide and spend a majestic day on the river learning to fly fish in Squamish BC.

9. Britannia Mining Museum – Go underground to escape the rain! Experience what the miners would have in 1914. This is a great educational and historical activity to enjoy with your family. Dress warmly, as it is 12 degrees cooler underground.

10. Puddle Jumping – Still the best activity to bring out your inner child. Squamish gets some epic puddles in the fall, so put on those Hunter rain boots and splash away your stress and worry.

Bring out your inner child! Get dirty playing outside this fall in Squamish BC.

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