ATVing Squamish is one of the many exciting things to do in Squamish, British Columbia, ATVing through Callaghan Valley is one of the most popular activities you can engage in. What makes ATVing fun is the accessibility for a wide range of skill levels, while getting out and exploring some of the remote sights to see that make the area one of the most beautiful in the province.


ATVing is Enjoyable For Everyone

Most people who partake in ATVing (as well as other recreational 4×4 outdoor vehicles) tend to agree that the experience is pretty enjoyable for adventurers and casuals alike. Aside from the number one benefit of just having a good time in the outdoors, ATV riding can be great exercise as it requires a fair amount of upper body exertion when it comes to more adventurous treks. These benefits are stated to be large enough to increase upper body fitness & cardiovascular health. Not to mention strengthening mental acuity due to its demand on the rider’s focus and attention during more intense rides.


ATVs come in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate a wide range of outings for thrill seekers or leisurely sightseeing expeditions across rough terrain. This is one of the top reasons why ATVing is a great outdoor activity for many types of outings and is enjoyed by many.

If you’re wondering if ATV riding is for you, just ask yourself some simple questions. Does the thrill of the Squamish mountain breeze on your face and mountain scenery sound like an unbeatable way to spend your day? Are you prepared to take the proper safety precautions and maybe get a little dirt on your shoes? As enjoyable as ATV riding can be, it’s important to practice proper safety and preparation while educating yourself on the importance of doing so. Because failing to can result in injury and at best end up being a ruined adventure.

Fortunately, if you know what to expect, getting prepared is easy!

ATVing Squamish BC : Weather, Safety & More


ATVs are difficult to ride in certain weather conditions: namely, very deep snow and very deep mud or water. Be sure to learn about the weather conditions for where you’re going, and also be careful to pack what you need. You’ll want heavy protective clothing that can handle all the dirt and mud you’re going to get on it, and if you plan on spending a few days out in the wild, bringing food and supplies is an absolute must.

Once you’ve learned the weather conditions of where you’re going, packed up what you need and have the proper safety equipment, you’re ready to go! Be sure to always wear a helmet and dress for the weather, expecting to get dirty!

There are various types of ATVs for you to choose from when you’re getting ready to head out. You’ll normally be restricted to the available selection if you decide to rent one or go as part of a planned activity. Typically you’ll be able to select the single rider models which are a little more versatile and fast, while the 2 rider ATVs are more favorable for family outings and casual riders.

About Squamish and Callaghan Valley

Squamish is host to a large, lush rainforest environment surrounded by mountains. Called by some to be the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada, Squamish has such features as the Stawamus Chief, Shannon Falls, Murrin Park and more. Activities available in Squamish include rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, river-rafting and, of course, ATV riding on its various trails.

If you’re just looking around for tourist appeal or sight-seeing, the sights of this beautiful location should have you covered. Popular tourist locations in Squamish include Shannon Falls, the Alice Lake Provincial Park, the aforementioned Stawamus Chief, the Elfin Lakes and more. Squamish is notable for its tourist attractions and outdoor activities- even if you’re just here for the ATV riding, consider looking into what else they have to offer, too.

ATVing Squamish


Callaghan Valley is considered one of the best places to partake in winter-oriented sports, as well as sight-seeing. Callaghan Valley at this time of year is a large, snowy environment set aside for skiers, hikers, and yes, even ATV riders to do what they like and have a great time doing it.

Overall, the beauty of this location speaks for itself, and undoubtedly some of the best ways to experience Squamish’s most cherished places is through 4x4ing its rougher terrain. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve already heard about how great these places are for outdoor activities, up to and including recreational ATV and 4×4 off-roading. As long as you stay safe and come properly prepared for the weather, you will be able to get the most out of your ATVing expedition in Squamish.

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