Winter might just be my personal favourite season in Squamish. There are a few great reasons why, with the top one probably being the west coast powder!  We created this list of 5 things you might not know about winters in Squamish. Let us know if we missed anything!

  1. Ski in the Morning and Golf in the Afternoon: You can drive up to Whistler to ski in the morning and then walk off the powder legs with a round of golf in the afternoon.  The Squamish Valley Golf Course stays open year-round and the die-hard golf enthusiasts don’t let a little bit of cold weather stop them. They just bundle up and brave the weather.
  2. Plaid Flannel  is The Attire of Choice for the Locals: Squamish is a laid-back kind of town. You can usually tell the locals from the tourists by their clothing choices. Locals can be spotted wearing their best flannels with a pair of rainboots in the winter. No heavy parkas or ear muffs – just a warm flannel plaid shirt and we are happy.
  3. Indoor Adventures: When the rain hits Squamish nobody likes to be outside unless they have to be. The locals retreat to indoor adventures such as Squishy’s Family Fun Zone,  Ground Up Climbing Centre, and indoor Yoga classes. All three activities are a great way to burn off some steam and have a lot of indoor fun time. Squishy’s Family Fun Zone and Ground Up Climbing Centre are great for families. Yoga classes are also a good way to relax and learn about the inner you while letting your body stretch and workout.
  4. Backcountry Rules Over the Skii Hill: Did you do a double take over that one — backcountry rules over the ski hill?  For locals, backcountry skiing is where it’s at. In the backcountry, they can avoid crowds, commune with nature, and just let themselves become fully absorbed in the sport. Backcountry skiing isn’t for novices, the first couple of times you might want to take a guided trip or maybe just hook up with a local that knows the region. We highly recommend taking courses if you want to get started or as a refresher every season. You should always familiarize yourself with the area and conditions before hitting the trails.  The regional avalanche conditions can change daily, so pick a mellow day to go and adjust your plan according to the conditions.
  5. Mountain Bikers Hate the Snow: Yep, you read that one right — mountain bikers hate the snow. Squamish is a mountain bikers paradise with miles and miles of pristine and jaw-dropping trails. However, when winter hits, the trails become icy, muddy, and impassable to mountain bikes so lovers of the sport have to wait until winter passes to enjoy their sport. This is a serious downer for mountain bikers and they immediately start counting the days until winter leaves the area.

Squamish is a place of contrasts. You might think you know everything about the town and region, but there is always something new to learn, especially when it comes to winter in Squamish. The most important thing is to get outside and enjoy the stunning nature our town has to offer!

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