7 Reasons You Have to Try Fat Biking in Squamish

Photo: Corey of Flying Spirit Rentals

Mountain biking is one of the most popular activities in Squamish, but it gets a little more complicated when the ground is covered in snow and mud during the colder months of the year. This has been an exceptional winter for snowfall, leaving the local trails covered in white! Fat biking is a fun alternative for the local mountain bikers who are missing their trails.

For those who are unaware,  A fat bike is an off-road bicycle with oversized tires, which means you can tackle terrain a normal bike can’t handle. The larger and wider tires can handle snow, mud, sand and other unstable soft terrain you may encounter in Squamish.

Here are seven reasons you have to try fat biking today.

Photo By Kona Bikes

  1. 1. Beat the Winter No Biking Blues. 

If you’ve got a fat bike, there’s no season for mountain biking. You can ride any time of the year without a problem. That’s right- you’re no longer limited to four or five months of great terrain. Fat biking let’s you do what you love, year-round. This has got to be one of the biggest benefits. Squamish is the place to be for outdoor lovers, and fat biking provides both residents and visitors with one more way to get outdoors.

  1. 2. Fat biking is a different experience.

Fat bikes are typically heavier than the average mountain bike, so you won’t find yourself flying up and down the trails. Slow down, take in the amazing scenery around the trails and appreciate how awesome it is that you’re riding a bike through snow and slush instead of sitting indoors. It’s a great way to keep up your activity levels during the colder months, while also giving your body a break from the demands of standard mountain biking.

  1. 3.You get to experience a smoother ride in the summer.

Thanks to the larger, wider tires, fat bikes allow you to roll right over the more technical features of many trails. You can glide right over a pile of rocks and almost feel like things are a little too easy. Fat bikes that are equipped with suspension provide a whole new riding experience, and it’s something you have to try to understand!

  1. 4. You can ride wherever you want.

Well, almost. We already know that fat bikes can handle winter weather, but that’s not all. Mud, rocky water and sand are a few other types of terrain that might deter the usual mountain biker. With a fat bike, the terrain isn’t so much of a concern. Just get on the bike and go.

  1. 5.Balancing isn’t so bad.

Fat bikes can be great for beginners because there’s a wider tire base to work with. It’s much easier to balance on a fat bike than on thin mountain bike tires. Whether you’re renting a fat bike for the first time in Squamish, or you’re a skilled rider, you’ll enjoy the ease of riding without the feeling you’re about to tip over on a rocky path or curvy terrain.

  1. 6.It’s a great way to socialize.

Fat biking is a great way to make new friends, or to get your less experienced friends out on a bike. Since fat bikes require even the best of riders to slow down a bit, you can invite friends who don’t often ride out to join you. You’ll be forced to ride a fat bike a little slower than your usual mountain bike, and slowing down can actually make the ride more comfortable and fun for everyone involved.

  1. 7.Flying Spirit Rentals is ready for you!

Head to Flying Spirit Rentals, Squamish’s newest bike and ski rental shop if you’re ready to give fat biking a try. The shop just opened up in December of 2016, so equipment is new and everyone is eager to help you experience everything fat biking has to offer.


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