Squamish has exploded as a world class destination for outdoor recreation and adventure. We created this list of 51 things to do in Squamish to outline some of our favourite activities in our community which has so much to offer for recreation and adventure.

1. ATVing  

Squamish is home to many logging roads for exploring on your own ATV. For those who want to try it before they buy it, book a guided tour and enjoy discover the beautiful Callaghan Valley on ATV.


2. Boating 

Squamish is the last coastal mountain stop on your drive up the Sea to Sky Highway. Rent a powerboat for a self propelled trip or book a guided boat tour to explore the stunning Howe Sound Fjord.


 3. Bouldering 

Squamish is home to over 3000 bouldering problems in the area, so hire a guide and learn how to climb without ropes or harnesses  on your next visit to the area.

4. Britannia Mining Museum

This award winning national historic site is located only 25 minutes south of Squamish. Make time for a visit to learn about the history of industry that helped develop our community, and try your luck and gold panning

 Climbing the Edge

5. SORCA Bike Skills Park 

Possibly the most  fun you can have on two wheels with your family in Squamish. The skills park is fun for all age, from little mini kids on their push bikes, to the big adult kids wanting to practice their skills.

6. Brewery / Distillery Tours 

Squamish has been home to the award winning Howesound Inn & Brewery for well over a decade, offering brewery tours at 1:00pm daily. the newest addition to this local classic,  is Gillespies, and this distillery is definitely worth a taste tour of their delicious spirit blends.

Brewery tour @ the Howe Sound Inn

7. Climbing 

With over 3500 routes and counting, Squamish is known as a world class climbing destination. Click here for more details on top climbs or to book a guide

 Climbing the Edge

8. Crabbing 

The howe sound is a great place to try your luck at crabbing. Be sure to have the appropriate fishing licence and only take home the size appropriate crabs.

 9. Camping 

Camping is a great weekend activity for the whole family, with many great locations to pitch a tent. Be sure to follow fire bans and pack out what you bring. Check out our complete guide to camping here.

camping in mountains

10. Cliff Jumping 

The howe sound has many great spots to test your fear of heights by jumping off a cliff into the ocean. Be sure to scope the landing for depth and jump with in your comfort level.

11. Disc Golf 

Their are amours of a disc golf course hidden in the woods in Brakendale. Do you know where this is?

12. Deep Water Soloing

Where rock climbers get to test their skills without a rope, climbing up cliffs on the side of the Pacific Ocean.

13. Dirt Biking

Home to great dirtbiking trails and endless logging roads this is a great way to explore the backcountry around Squamish.


14. Dog Carting 

Dog Carting is the summer version of dog sledding in the winter. This fun activity is located in Callaghan Valley.

Climbing the Edge

15. Endless Events

In the summer Squamish is home to epic events every single weekend. From the test of metal, wind fest, beer fest, logger sports and the music festival, there’s something happening to keep you entertained every weekend post your Squamish adventure


16. Farmers Market 

If you are visiting on a saturday in summer, you should check out the local farmers market. Offering a great selection of locally crafted fare it’s easy to see why this is a local favourite must do on the weekend

17. Flying 

Squamish made the list of the most scenic airports to land in 2014. It is also the most scenic to take off from – book a flight to experience the beauty for yourself!

howe sound sunset flight

18. Fly Fishing 

Known as a year round anglers destination, the Squamish fishing scene takes off this time of year with people trying their luck at the pink salmon run. Hire a guide today to show you the best spots and techniques. Be sure to follow the seasonal fishing rules and regulations and enjoy!

squamish fishing guide

19. Golfing

Enjoy the stunning west coast scenery as you challenge yourself on The Squamish Valley Golf Course. Be sure to stop by the clubhouse after for a delicious local meal with wonderful service.


20. Gondola 

The Sea to Sky gondola has stunning views, great local events and awesome hikes that make this a must do activity for summer in Squamish.

21. Horseback Riding

Bring out your inner cowboy while exploring hidden waterfalls via horseback in the beautiful Callaghan Valley.

Callaghan Valley

Callaghan Valley

22. Heli – Snowmobile Tours 

Snowmobiling is available almost year round in the alpine terrain surrounding Squamish. Contact Head-Line mountain holidays to book a Helicopter snowmobile tour until the end of August.

23. Heli- Glacier Tour 

Take off from the Squamish airport via helicopter and explore one of the surrounding glaciers. Pack your gloves and snowball making skills.


24. Hiking 

Squamish is surrounded by world class hiking trails and  has a hiking trail for all skills and abilities. Check out our the list of the top summer hiking spots at squamishadventure.com

Hiker in Pyrenees

25. Interpretive Forest 

Escape in nature with an interpretive and educational hike around Brhome lake. This trail is beginner to intermediate offering a great balance of exercise, nature and education.

26. Kayaking 

Kayaking in Squamish can take many forms like ocean, lake, river and estuary. Book a tour or rent a kayak and try it out for yourself!

2014 Ukraine river Sula river rafting kayaking editorial photo

27. Kite-boarding 

Squamish means Mother of the Wind, and kiteboarders have been coming out in the masses toi take advantage of this consistent flow at the Squamish Spit. Book a lesson today and learn how to harness the Squamish winds for yourself.

Kiteboarding on the squamish spit

28. Local Art Tours

Home to many talented local artists, be sure to check out the diversity  in skills and styles offered by our respected local talent.

29. Logging Book Exhibit

WIth the official opening happening soon, you can still enjoy a historical/ informative walk through a fresh air museum of Logging Books at the Adventure Center.   Carved images and text will take you from the birth of our forests millions of years ago through to the complex and diverse forestry management of today.

30. Lake Chilling

Fresh glacier fed lakes like Alice, Brhom and Cat are all within close proximity to Squamish and offer a refreshing and fun way to soak away the afternoons.


31. Mini Golf

Whistle punk mini golf is a family oriented mini golf course located near Brennan park which takes you on a fun journey through Squamish history.

32. Mountain Biking

Home to over 200km of single track mountain biking, Squamish has a great ride for all levels and abilities. Book a guide or explore our trails on your own 2 wheels today!

Mountainbiker in the forest

33. Mountaineering

The Sky Pilot massif is considered the best alpine terrain close to Vancouver. Access via the new Sea to Sky Gondola, now means that alpine mountain exploring is much closer to downtown Vancouver.

34. Off Road Buggy Adventure

Jump aboard the newest 4×4 off-road buggy experience, located in the Callaghan Valley. Climb rugged mountain roads and forested single track trails up to scenic mountain viewpoints on this epic journey. Power through creeks and over boulders while watching for bears, deer, grouse and other wildlife along the way.


35. Hiking Echo Falls

Take a boat across the Squamish river and enjoy the hike up to beautiful Echo Falls. For more information check out the full guide here

36. Picnicking

Pack a lunch full of healthy snacks, cards, books games and head out to one of the many great Squamish locations for a picnic lunch with your friends and or family.

37. River Tubing

For those heat record beating days – this is the best activity to cool you down. Launch your flotation device from near the Squamish Valley Golf Course on the Mamquam river for a gentle float. Be sure to scope the rapid sections and check water levels before you go as the river can be dangerous.

View of the Squamish River in British Columbia, Canada

38. Rope Runner Aerial Park

Rope Runner provides a unique and significant learning and personal growth opportunities, while playing in a safe adventurous outdoor environment. With the ability to take up to 60 people in the park at one time, it’s a great option for birthday parties, corporate events, team building, stags / stagettes and other gatherings where you want to share an activity with your friends and family.

39. Skateboarding

The main Squamish skatepark is  an outdoor concrete  park with fast tranny lines, flat banks, ledges and a huge curved vert wall that is worth a visit for skaters of all ages and skills.

Boy legs on a skateboard in a half pipe with graffiti

40. Slackline at Nexon Beach

Slacklining is similar to slack rope walking and tightrope walking as the line is held under tension. Try your balance skills at the slack line course at Nexon Beach

41. Scrambling

Also known as alpine scrambling, this is a method of ascending rocky faces and ridges that lies between rock climbing and hiking. In Squamish it is possible to get off the beaten hiking path to find many epic scrambling routes in the surrounding area.

42. Shannon Falls

This beautiful and rewarding provincial park is an quick stop off the sea to sky highway. Enjoy the mesmerizing views of Shannon Falls year round, with fall and spring being the biggest water flow seasons.

shannon falls

43. Seadooing

This is quite possibly the most fun you can have exploring the Howe Sound this summer. Tours depart from downtown Vancouver to give you a fast and fun taste of the Sound

44. Stand Up Paddleboarding

Squamish Stand Up Paddle Boarding, combines surfing with canoeing or kayaking. This is new fun way to explore the many rivers, lakes & ocean around Squamish BC. Rentals and tours available at squamishadventure.com

45. Sailing

Learn to sail with the Squamish Yacht Club – Volunteer to crew on race day Sundays inorder to get to know the ropes.

46. Scuba Diving

The Jacques Cousteau Society rated British Columbia second only to the Red Sea for clarity and diversity of marine life. Discover Scuba diving at Porteau Cove, where you can explore shipwrecks and artificial reef while being on the look out for massive six gill sharks.


47. Trail Running

Trail running is a sport which consists of running and hiking over trails. In Squamish we have many great trails and many great athletes to partake in trail running.

48. Windsurfing 

Before kiteboarding started at the Squamish Spit,  there was this fun sport called windsurfing. It is still around today but seems to only be practiced by the awesome old school crowd who hasn’t switched to the kiteboarding dark-side.

49. Whitewater Rafting

The Elaho River in Squamish is one of the world’s most locations places to try whitewater rafting. With class 3-4 rapids and stunning views, this is a Squamish summer must do bucket list activity.

Whitewater rafting tour elaho squamish

50. Yoga at the Spit

The spit is launching grounds for grea Squamish watersports, but it is also home to our favourite place to practice yoga. This is an experience worth trying and repeating.

51.Via Ferrata 

The most recent addition to the activity roster is the fixed ring climbing route at the top of the gondola. This is a safe and fun way to practice your climbing skills, while safely locked into the fixed iron rungs.


Coming up with a list of 51 things do was a quick task for the outdoor recreation capital of Canada. Did we miss any of your favourite things do to?

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