Reconnect with Nature in Squamish

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, the occasional weekend would be spent at the beach, letting the waves wash over me and enjoying the sand on my feet. But then, I’d return home; work, study, and spend time with friends. Nature, the very idea of mountains, forests and lakes, was buried far in the back of my mind.

Richard Louv, the author of ‘Last Child in the Woods (2005)’ states that our connection to nature should be thought of as a human right. But is it?

Personally, I feel incredibly lucky to call Squamish my home.  It’s only been a year, but the impact these mountains, lakes and forests has had on my life is monumental. The ability to easily connect with the nature around me has brought peace, happiness and a calm to my life. At Squamish Adventure, we’re passionate about helping each person find a way they can connect with nature. So, have a read below and let yourself be inspired.

Remote Alpine Lakes

There’s nothing better than sitting by the shores of a remote, hard to access alpine lake. The calm, beautifully clear waters, with the snowy mountain backdrop, provides a peaceful sanctuary for getting away from technology and the stresses of home. There’s no better place to set up camp for a night, or get your hammock out for a few hours.

There are over 20 alpine lakes surrounding Squamish and with a little effort you are bound to find an uncrowded place to refresh and reset. Garibaldi and Elfin lakes are popular destinations that are well worth the hike, or you can hire a float plane to discover even more remote alpine lakes like Phantom lake or lake lovely water.


The Pacific Coast Mountain range and Garibaldi park surrounding Squamish provide more than just stunning views. The sense of accomplishment and the awe felt after summiting a mountain, whether that be due to the power of your feet, help from your bike, or aided by your trad rack, is the best connection to nature we could ask for. Get up high, enjoy the peace and take some time to reflect.

The mountains around Squamish also provide the perfect playground for world class climbing, hiking, biking, ski touring, heli-skiing, and snowmobiling.


We’re captivated by the ocean, the rolling waves, gentle sounds, endless sky and it’s raw power. Luckily for us living in Squamish, there are a number of ways we can connect with the ocean. From hiking the Howe Sound Trail, to climbing the chief, to taking a gondola ride, you’ll get staggering views of the Howe Sound Fjord that will leave you speechless with respect and wonder.

For a closer connection, head down to Nexan Beach and breathe in the salty sea air while listening to the waves. Be sure to try sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or rent a boat and enjoy the mountain views while connecting with the the Pacific Ocean in Squamish.

West Coast Forest

The beautiful green colours of a forest can reduce stress and anger while increasing your mood and overall happiness. Luckily for us, you simply need to take a five minute drive outside of the downtown area before you find yourself in the lush, fresh, quiet and mossy green forests.

Mountain biking or hiking the extensive trail network are two of the best ways to connect with the west coast forest.

Rivers & Waterfalls

The Elaho, Squamish and Cheakamus rivers all converge in Squamish, carrying the mountain stories down to the Pacific Ocean. As the rivers flow from mountain to ocean, they carve out unique rock features, fun rapids and provide a rich habitat for wildlife to thrive. Fly fishing, kayaking, whitewater rafting or stand up paddleboarding are all fun ways to spend time on or near the rivers. Pack a picnic and let your worries flow away as you watch the river carving its path through the mountainous landscape.


We’re constantly bombarded by information, and our time in nature allows us to stop, take a second, and watch life in the mountains, lakes, or forests flow by. We’re all lucky to call Squamish home and to be surrounded by so much nature and opportunity for connection. Take advantage of nature’s accessibility, enjoy your time outdoors and don’t forget it’s your human right.

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