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Squamish is the ideal place for your next corporate retreat, with endless outdoor activities in stunning west coast nature. If your office personnel are in desperate need of some team building, it’s time for a literal breath of fresh air. Increase motivation, take everyone out of their normal day-to-day activities, and engage in some Squamish team building activities. As an added benefit, you’ll improve problem-solving skills and work together to achieve your goal, bringing everyone in your office closer together.


1 ) Hiking and Sightseeing



Going on a hike or nature walk can be the perfect way to get a break from the office and basking in mossy green forest.  Its the perfect activity for all skill levels, so most of your coworkers will be able to come along without a problem. Along the way, you’ll be able to see some great sights, engage in conversation, and work together to get to your destination.

Team building tips: Think of ways to make your group a team as you tackle your hike or walk. Put each person in charge of gathering some of the necessary materials: a map or GPS, water, a first aid kit, and snacks or a light lunch are all useful items to have along the way. You can also assign someone to cover transportation or choose a particular person to be in charge of the route you’ll take.

If you want to add a competitive element, split your group into teams. Start at opposite ends of a looping trail. Make it a contest to see who can cover the most ground before you meet at the halfway point, and consider assigning either a prize for the winners or a penalty for the losers: for example, the losing team might have to complete a task for the others when you get back to your starting point.


2) Whitewater Rafting


In many ways, whitewater rafting is the perfect team-building exercise. Your coworkers will automatically be required to work together in order to maneuver the raft down the river and around obstacles. This is a more physically demanding task that might not be appropriate for all coworkers, but for those with a sense of adventure who have the physical stamina to make the attempt, whitewater rafting is the perfect activity. Not only does it encourage teamwork, it will add some spice and adventure to an otherwise peaceful life. This activity is particularly valuable for anyone who is bored at work or looking for something new to do.

Team building tip: Split your group into two or more teams depending on the size of the group and see who can make the best time. You can also have less adventurous members of your group waiting at the destination with food and transportation to help keep everyone involved.


3) Kayaking

2014 Ukraine river Sula river rafting kayaking editorial photo

Kayaking is an opportunity for one-on-one bonding in a calm, relaxed setting. For coworkers who don’t often get to interact outside of the office, it’s the perfect chance to cut loose and really get to know one another. Kayaking is less adventurous than whitewater rafting, but still requires coordination and teamwork to keep the kayak moving forward.

Team building tip: Think about pairing off coworkers who need to improve their ability to work together. This might be coworkers whose personalities often don’t mesh well or coworkers who have recently begun a project together. Because it requires two people who are committed to what they’re doing to make the most of the experience, kayaking helps bring people together in a way that many other activities can’t match.


4) Fly Fishing


Team building activities don’t have to be intensely physical in nature. In fact, if your job is typically fast-paced or physically demanding, simply relaxing and reflecting with your coworkers in a laid back setting might be preferable to a highly active outing. Fly fishing is a great way to do a solo activity while still developing rapport with your teammates. This is an ideal activity for people who want to connect with their coworkers without engaging in a demanding task.

Team building tip: Turn your fly fishing expedition into a friendly competition! 


5) Horseback Trail Riding

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Bring out your teams inner cowboy or cow girl with this unique experience just north of Squamish.  Horseback riding is perfect for small intimate groups looking for an unique and fun way to get a break from the office and connect in nature. This tour rides deep into a stunning old growth forests that’s so quiet you might even hear your own heartbeat. The horses will take you along a wagon trail path that follows the gorgeous Callaghan creek & Alexander Falls.

Team Building Tip: Prizes for the most authentic cowboy outfit!

Team building exercises are a great way to bring people together. Whether you’re looking to get away and relax as a group or seeking a fast-paced, adventurous activity that everyone in your office will be talking about for weeks, team building activities are the perfect way to bring everyone together. Looking for more information about the activities your team can enjoy? Contact us to learn more. For more ideas on corporate group packages please click here.

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