The days are finally getting longer which means more wonderful hours of sunlight to enjoy all the amazing outdoor activities that our beautiful Squamish has to offer. Make sure you are getting the most out of these longer days by fueling up on the right food.

Here are the  top 5 superfoods which will help you perform at your best and enhance recover after an epic day of downhill.

1. Chia Seeds – not just for hippies and tree huggers. Chia seeds contain more omega 3 than salmon making them great from reducing inflammation and supporting joint health, they also have more antioxidants than blueberries helping to protect again free radical damage.

chia seeds

2. Avocados – full of healthy fat which helps your body absorb other important vitamins and minerals.


Avocado parts on the wooden table.
3. Sweet Potatoes – packed full of antioxidants and slow release carbs making them the perfect addition for anyone looking for extra, sustained energy during a long day of activity. Try combining sweet potato and quinoa (for added protein) in a salad for a great energy boosting lunch.


Raw sweet potatoes
4. Hemp Seeds – refer to the first part of #1. 3 tbsp of hemp hearts contains 75% of your daily needs for magnesium. Magnesium helps your muscles to relax, reduces cramping and is essential for proper muscle and nerve function. Add hemp seeds to some flavoured yogurt for the perfect recovery snack.

whole hemp seeds
5. Eggs – although they have been given a bit of a bad rap for years eggs are one of the best superfoods you could add to your diet. They contain high quality protein essential for muscle growth and recovery and are also one of the only foods that provides and essential nutrient which is important for brain health and cognitive function. Free range, local, organic eggs are easy to find in the sea to sky corridor, just head to your local farmers market or any of the quality food retailers in the area.

Basket of organic eggs in a rural farmers market

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