While back East is in deep freeze, Squamish and the sea to sky feel like it’s in full swing of spring..  We are all outdoors enjoying the sunshine.  For some of us however the spring means allergy season is not far off.  For others we may still feel a little bla even with the extra sunshine and exercise.  You can thank your Liver.

In TCM theory, (that traditional Chinese Medicine by the way), they view us humans as microcosms of our external environment.  The Seasons as they change can affect how we feel, particularly the transitional ones such as the spring.

Each organ system in the body is linked to a season in TCM theory.  The spring is linked with the Liver.  Since spring is a transitional season, the liver can be vulnerable during this time of the year.   Because of this the Liver is Susceptible for getting out of balance and symptoms commonly show up.  Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help restore balance back to the Liver system.

So how to know when you need Acupuncture and TCM?

Here are 4 signs your Liver may need some love from your acupuncturist:

1.    Feeling Tense, irritability, frustrated or a shorter fuse then Normal

In TCM theory all the organs are linked with emotions.  The Liver is linked with anger.  A little anger from time to time is ok.  But getting overly angry at little things means the Liver may be out of whack.  Maybe its not anger you’re feeling but more irritability.  The Liver is also telling you it’s out of balance if you’re feeling more irritable or frustrated lately.

The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of energy through out the body.  When the Liver is not moving the energy smoothly throughout the body, stagnation can happen and the symptoms of irritability, frustration and feeling tense arise.

2.    Headaches and other aches and pains in the body

Since we now know the Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Energy (Qi) and stagnation is a result of the Liver not moving the energy properly, let talk about symptoms of stagnation.  When we have some sort of stagnation (things not moving properly) we can experience symptoms such as pain, tightness or restriction.  Tension headaches and menstrual cramps are commley worse in the spring because … you guest it the Liver.

The Liver is also associated with the Gallbladder, which is responsible for nourishing the body’s connective tissues, ligaments and tendons.  So if you are starting to feel a little more tight and stiffer then normal you can blame it on the Liver.

3.    Digestive system feeling a little off

Poor little Liver isn’t maintaining the smooth flow of energy.  Our digestive system love constancy and movement.  So when our liver fails to move things properly our digestive system takes the beating.

4.    Eye Issues

Each of our sense is related to an organ system just like our emotions.  The Liver is associated with sight, therefor TCM usually attributes eye issues with the Liver being out of balance.   Eye pain, eye fatigue and poor vision as well as dry eyes can be all symptoms that your liver needs a rebalancing.

So what to do if you are having any of these symptoms? Get your butt to your acupuncturist!


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