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Team Training, Life Changing

Company description

F45 Training is team-based functional training that is taking the world by storm with over 1,200 franchises in 36 countries. F45 emphasises on 3 key factors: Motivation, Innovation, and Results. Our classes are unique, fun, and extremely addictive, which is why F45 Training is the fastest growing fitness network in the world!

F45 is specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

The classes are in a group environment and 45 minutes long. We utilize sandbags, kettlebells, battleropes, dumbbells, medicine balls, barbells and a lot of other equipment to burn body-fat and add muscle.

The F45 workouts are on a global schedule from F45 HQ, where all studios do the same workout that day. Our daily workouts are created from a database of over 3,000 exercises. The Head Trainer does not need to develop the daily workouts…or music playlists!

Job description

As an F45 Studio Manager/ Head Trainer you will be accountable for all elements of running an industry leading fitness studio including attraction and retention of members, assessing members fitness levels and scaling exercises accordingly to ensure a safe and challenging environment, promoting the studio within the local area and managing the day to day operations.

Your role will be key member of the Leadership Team that runs three studios. While your focus is on one studio you are expected to partner effectively with this team to learn and leverage the collective knowledge and to ensure consistency of experience across all sites.

Studio Operations

• Create a studio culture that ensures member engagement through development of energetic, knowledgeable Trainers and a best in class training experience for members

• Ensure complete adherence to the policies and procedures outlined in the F45 Playbook

• Responsible for driving superior customer experience through seamless operations of the studio

• Responsible for respective studio system management including class scheduling and management of members accounts and arrears

• Accountable for ensuring trainers have the necessary training F45 systems to do their job effectively

• Manage all client enquiries including fitness related questions, membership pauses and cancellations etc.

• Attend external marketing events, roadshows, members presentations

• Ensure hygienic and impeccable condition of entire studio and equipment

• Ensure proper maintenance and safety of equipment, tv, signages, assets at all times

• Accountable hiring, training, staff rostering and logistics

Leadership & Training

• Undertake around 20 classes per week personally (Discretionary based on studio needs)

• Leading classes and coaching members

• Leading team meetings

• Leading regular team building and proper communications between team members

• Ensure trainers skills are frequently assessed and Developed

• Partner effectively with the other leaders to deliver membership growth, retention, Best in class Studio Experience and a great work environment for staff

Membership Acquisition & Retention

• Working with the Sales & Marketing Manager to drive revenue growth with new member acquisition through online (social media) and offline channels (corporate deals, external events, roadshows etc.)

• Responsible for execution of studio member retention strategy

• Responsible follow up any leads assigned & check 45 systems for call schedule daily for new trailers and any notes for goals

• Ensure all new trailers are welcomed and pre-exercise screening conversation occurs (take notes of goals and show them around the studio)

• Responsible for studio merchandising material management and sales


• End to end understanding of F45 playbook

• Uphold the F45 brand and standards

• Making sure to live a healthy lifestyle yourself to lead by example for our members and team

Culture & Benefits

  • Ongoing mentoring opportunities
  • Incentives to inspire your performance
  • Commitment to work life balance
  • Training provided on F45 product and technology
  • Small, motivated team to work with
  • Great support network within the F45 Group

Social Media Guidelines

We want to empower you to be a party of F45 as if it was your own business–social media is an important part of getting small businesses off the ground and creating personable organic content to make F45 clients feel welcome is key to keeping them engaged in our community.

What we’re asking of you:

  • Include F45 IG account in your personal bio, and let people know you’re an instructor (or studio manager)
  • Use social media as a place to educate on F45 method and why it works. We know that we can be intimidating and that we are in competition with a saturated market–the key to packed classes is letting all levels know we are a scalable workout, and that we WORK!
  • Make a point of sharing on your personal social when you’re at the studio–let clients know when you’re teaching, what they can expect from your classes and from the F45 method (IG stories is great for this!)
  • Capture content, photos, videos, boomerangs etc and send to the studio IG account
  • Get to know your clients names and ask them to follow you on Instagram, get to know them and celebrate them by tagging in class and give some extra motivation on their journey
  • Help support the health and growth of F45 by adding to our business Instagram by doing takeovers, contributing content etc.

Skills & experience

  • Full-time experience delivering Group Fitness sessions
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to motivate and manage a team of trainers
  • Ability to motivate members
  • Enthusiastic and supportive attitude towards clients
  • Ability to develop strong relationships with clients
  • Self-motivated and goal oriented
  • Passion, enthusiasm & genuine motivation towards wanting to improve the lives of others
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Outstanding time management and organizational skills
  • Be fit, naturally outgoing, confident and energetic
  • Prior experience in a membership sales/studio management within the fitness industry is an asset


  • Possess a recognized certification in Fitness that permits you to train in British Columbia
  • Hold current Senior First Aid and CPR certificates
  • All necessary insurances
  • Have functional strength training knowledge and skills and be able to coach others effectively
  • Meet minimum fitness level requirements as expected in the industry

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