Mountain Bike Trail Update: Ruperts Trail


Fall is prime season for mountain biking in Squamish BC. The crisp damp days make for perfect trail conditions in our stunning west coast forest. This fall the trails have been full of people of all ages enjoying the great outdoors on their mountain bikes. The weather this last week has been great for the mountain bike trails,making them tacky smooth and delicious. Last week I grabbed my two four legged companions and headed out to the famous Ruperts trail. After some heavy rainfall, I was expecting more wet soggy spots but the Rupert was in great condition.

 With a good pedal to warm you up along the Mashiter to Tracks From Hell to 50 Shades More and then taking the first left to Ruperts. The start is a little slushy and slippery with a few wet spots on some corners, but for the most part Ruperts trail is in great condition. Rupert is entirely way too much fun and has become a favourite ride for many. The loops ends by adding a  super fun Roller Coaster ride back to the truck. This loop took me a slow hour and a half and I am sure it has been done faster!

We have had some light rainy days followed with sunny breaks creating sweet mountain biking trail conditions in Squamish.

So enjoy the photos and get out there to ride!

dogs on ruperts trails

The start of the most fun trail in Squamish!

ruperts trail

Awesome wood features throughout the trail

corner on ruperts

The banked corner after many fun rock rides

Big thanks to SORCA for building and maintaining our fun trail system and check out this article for more detail on Ruperts and how best to link in other rides here.

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