The bald eagles have started to arrive to their wintering home in Brackendale BC. The “early birds” can now be spotted  along the river ways and soaring overhead. However, we recommend waiting a week or two before they arrive in full if you are interested in observing these impressive birds.


Eagle Image Courtesy of: ©Christopher Martin Photography

Squamish Eagle Watching Volunteer Program

The volunteer eagle watch will be starting again in late November and is a wonderful way to learn about the Bald Eagles, meet locals and have a blast. Volunteers  will be at the Eagle Run viewing shelter from 9:30 am to 3:30 on weekends. We recommend taking in a post eagle viewing snack at the Watershed – conveniently located next to the eagle run viewing shelter.

Eagle Rafting Tours

Eagle viewing & rafting tours start December 1st, this is a must do activity for locals and visitors this winter. Imaging floating along the calm cheakamus river, while observing these impressive birds in their natural feeding habitat. For guests coming from Vancouver, we are now offering pick up and transfers for only $25.00 per person, making this the ultimate day trip adventure. For more information or easy online booking click here.

The Best Squamish Eagle Watching Spots

The best places for Squamish eagle viewing are along the many rivers of the Squamish Valley. The Squamish eagles can be  can be spotted along the Squamish River, and between the Cheakamus and Mamquam rivers. The dyke in Brackendale is a great place to view the eagles while maintaining eagle viewing ethics.

Eagle Watching Ethics:

  • Please give eagles space
  • Use binoculars or a zoom lense to get a closer look
  • Stay on dikes and public property
  • Stay off gravel bars and private land
  • Keep your dogs on a leash

 Bald Eagle Facts

  • Height– Adult eagles can reach up to 100 cm or 3.3 feet tall
  • Weight– Adults can weigh 3- 6 kg or 6.6- 13 lb
  • Female eagles are larger than males
  • Diet-They eat fish & small mammals, consuming up to 1/10th of their body weight per day
  • Bones– eagle bones are hollow and half the weight of the feathers
  • Feathers– Over 7000 feathers are lightweight & waterproof, regulating their core temp
  • Eyesight-They have monocular & binocular color vision, Their eyesight is 4 times humans.
  • Life Cycle– They live up to 20- 30 years in the wild. Mating pairs bond for life.
  • Eaglets -Eagles have 1-3 eggs per nest. Eaglets leave the nest at 10-12 weeks.

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